20 Home Decoration Tumblr Themes

By November 19, 2013Tumblr Layout Themes

Whether if you’re a interior designer, furniture designer, or just have a knack for creating lovely living spaces, you’ll want to share your ideas with friends and the world.  Tumblr is one of the fastest and easiest way to start blogging about your ideas, work, and tips.  As with great home decorations and design, themes give your tumblog personality.  Here are some tumblr theme designs we feel suits anyone blogging about home decorations and design.

*List compiled by staff writer April

Looking good ain’t always easy!  Do you need help setting up your customized Tumblr site and theme?  We can help you with that!

If none of these Tumblr themes fit your taste, how about setting up a design contest and let designers compete to create the best design for you!


1) Minsk – Responsive AdSense-Ready Tumblr Theme

Minsk is a responsive AdSense-ready Tumblr theme. The layout is simple, content-oriented and user-friendly. It’s easy to install and set up, so you’ll be running your site in minutes.

Minsk - Responsive AdSense-Ready Tumblr Theme



2) Oculus – A Tumblr Blog Theme

Oculus with its unaffected mien is a Tumblr blog theme developed for an audience who prefers to let the content shine within an unassuming interface that contributes to the development of the narration by providing a congenial context. It respects the versatility of Tumblr user base and is equally at elan in housing a journal rich in media to a blog of a raconteur.

Oculus - A Tumblr Blog Theme




3) Exotica -Responsive Tumblr Theme

Exotica is a responsive retina ready tumblr theme with clean and sleek design.

Exotica -Responsive Tumblr Theme



4) FeelinBlue – Clean Tumblr Blogging Theme

FeelinBlue is minimal Tumblr theme for simplicity lovers. FeelinBlue is the power of whitespaces, great & big typography and minimalist look. One minute install! Just download the code and paste it as HTML into your Customize section of your Tumblr blog.

FeelinBlue - Clean Tumblr Blogging Theme



5) Zen — A Premium Theme for Tumblr

Zen is a very clean and simple theme. Yet it’s very powerful and incredibly easy to modify. You get a completely different theme with just a few clicks. The theme features a responsive layout and retina graphics (for mobile, tablet, desktop and anything in between). So, no matter what type of screen your visitors are using, this theme fits perfectly on every screen-size.

Zen — A Premium Theme for Tumblr



6) FRESCO – Responsive Multipurpose Tumblr Theme

FRESCO is a clean multipurpose, minimal theme for blogging system – Tumblr. You can easily change the overall view of the theme (for best start, we’ve prepared a well documented user guide file). Variety of custom options makes it a flexible theme – use it as your personal blog, corporate website or as a portfolio! You can customize it for your needs: change logo image, place your own photo in header, change background (image or color). FRESCO supports following post types: text, photo, photoset, audio, video, quote, AMA, chat and link.

FRESCO is fully responsive web design for all devices and screen resolutions.

FRESCO - Responsive Multipurpose Tumblr Theme




7) PULIRE – Responsive Multipurpose Tumblr Theme

PULIRE is a clean multipurpose, minimal theme for blogging on Tumblr. You can easily change the overall view of the theme (for best start, we’ve prepared a well documented user guide file). Variety of custom options makes it a flexible theme – use it as your personal blog, corporate website or as a portfolio! You can customize it for your needs: change logo image, place your own photos in main slider, change background (image or color). PULIRE supports following post types: text, photo, photoset, audio, video, quote, AMA, chat and link.

PULIRE is fully responsive web design for all devices.

PULIRE - Responsive Multipurpose Tumblr Theme




8) Minimalistico – ResponsiveTumblr Theme

Minimalistico is a clean and simple tumblr theme. fully editable, and very easy to customize. You can change the header image, view your photos & photoset with a responsive fancybox. The theme has an adaptive layout that works perfectly No matter what type of screen your visitors are using.

Minimalistico - ResponsiveTumblr Theme




9) UltraTiles – Customizable Magazine Style Theme

UltraTiles is a minimal tile based theme with a magazine style post layout. It has a huge array of features so you can customize the theme how you like. Nearly everything about the theme can be changed so you can make it look how you like.

UltraTiles - Customizable Magazine Style Theme



10) Peach – A Clean and Responsive Tumblr Theme

‘Peach’ is a minimal, clean and typographic Tumblr theme aimed at the more serious Tumblr bloggers. The theme features all of Tumblr’s post types, subtle but sleek animations and a fully customizable colour scheme.

Peach - A Clean and Responsive Tumblr Theme


11) Antiquity

Disqus commenting

Let users comment on your tumblr site by simply inserting your Disqus account ID, we’ll do the rest!

Custom page templates

List pages about yourself, your blog, business or even random shares. Our tumblr themes cator for it.

Flickr stream integration

Showcase all your latest images with the Flickr sidebar widget.

Twitter stream integration

Include your twitter stream on your site and never again let your visitors miss a beat.

Google Analytics integration

Make sure you track every unique visit by installing Google Analytics onto your site using the themes custom fields.




12) Easy Reader 2

This is a very simple, classic but truly professional looking theme that can definitely help you showcase various decorations and designs in a very effective manner.

Easy Reader 2


13) Cmpndm

A classic and professional theme with a creative twist. The Cmpndm is perfect to for those who plan to present various creations through blog. It is truly easy to navigate and definitely user friendly.




14) Grace

Grace is sleek and simple. It’s classy, and to the point. It’s for writers. For people who want their blog to be about their content. To work out of the box. No hassle. 

Less is more. Grace is a different theme. You won’t find note counts, tags, like buttons or sharing buttons everywhere. It’s focused around your content. It’s classy, simple, while sporting a bold and decadent headline. It uses CSS3’s latest and greatest to render its beautiful elements, including the header and date badge. Links are positioned at the bottom. It looks great on Retina. Works and looks great on tablets. It’s for people who want to blog, write, and create great content.




15) Showroom

This theme is definitely a perfect fit for home decorations. You can instantly add photos will then be arranged in a manner that will help you achieve a great professional appeal.




16) MagTheme

This theme truly resembles that of an actual magazine making it very attractive yet truly professional.



17) Candor

A perfect fit for hi-res images and videos, Candor also provides you with the ability to highlight specific content with a featured posts section and the sticky post.




18) Quite Big 

  • Big photos
  • Big Photosets OR display photos one after the other with captions
  • Big Video
  • Custom colours
  • Changeable fonts and sizes
  • Header image upload
  • Center content option
  • Support for panorama photos
  • Support for all audio post options
  • Show / hide notes
  • Show / hide ask and submit links
  • Localization
  • Optional stretch smaller images to fit full width
  • Optional Disqus comments

Quite Big



19) Bagua

Bagua is a theme for bloggers that provides a very customizable and functional design for their Tumblr. A blonde wood or geometric background is accented with default seafoam, salmon, or blue icons and text highlights. A custom scroll bar makes viewing posts simple and graphic. And if you want more customization, Bagua allows you to use custom background imagery or color, as well as any custom accent color, or any combination of colors and defaults.




20) Brutal Simplicity

Brutal Simplicity





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