20 Home & Garden Tumblr Themes

Candy - Responsive Timeline Tumblr Theme

We know you love sharing those gardening tips and techniques you’ve been using by blogging about it. Tumblr is one of the fastest way to start blogging. These are some of the best Gardening Tumblr Themes to make your blog really attractive and help give you the appearance of being an authority on the subject.

*List compiled by staff writer April

Looking good ain’t always easy.  Do you need help setting up your customized Tumblr site and theme?  We can help you with that!

If none of these Tumblr themes fit your taste, how about setting up a design contest and let designers compete to create the best design for you!



1) Trinidad Responsive Theme

Trinidad is really cool vintage pixel perfect theme. One can use it for personal blog or whatever he/she like. The theme includes:

  • Responsive Design
  • Pixel Perfect Graphics
  • Social Icons
  • Instagarm Icon
  • Google Analytics

Trinidad Responsive Theme


2) NIFTY – Clean Tumblr Theme

NIFTY is a sleek, minimal theme for blogging system – Tumblr. Variety of custom options makes it multipurpose use! You can easily change the overall view of the theme (for best start, we’ve prepared a well documented user guide file).

NIFTY supports all Tumblr post types: text, photo, photoset, audio, video, quote, dialog, AMA, chat and link. We know that social sharing is important, so NIFTY contains three social elements: socially sharing buttons on each post permalink page, two social widgets in footer and on the right side (icons). If you’re using Twitter or Instagram – there are prepared specially for you cool widgets in sidebar! To stay in touch with your friends or visitors, we have made a Disqus comment system support.

NIFTY - Clean Tumblr Theme



3) Druid A Premium Tumblr Theme

  • Easy to modify.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 .
  • Supports all post types.
  • Support for Custom CSS .
  • Organized HTML code.
  • Upload Header Image.
  • Disqus Comments Ready.
  • Google Analytics Ready.
  • Twitter Feeds.
  • JQuery Tooltips.
  • Social media supports (Twitter, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr).

Druid A Premium Tumblr Theme




4) Candy – Responsive Timeline Tumblr Theme

Candy is a responsive, Facebook timeline inspired tumblr theme build.

By using this theme, you can show your posts elegantly with a facebook timeline style. This theme provides support for all tumblr post types, custom pages, disqus commenting, twitter widget and many more!

Candy - Responsive Timeline Tumblr Theme



5) Sewed – Personal Blog

  • Support for all post types
  • Responsive Pinterest-like layout
  • Optional endless scrolling
  • Disqus comments
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom font and background colors
  • Custom header background image
  • Editable footer text
  • Support for all major browsers
  • Support for custom CSS
  • Flickr, Instagram and Dribbble feeds

Package contains extensive documentation, which help you set up every option of this theme.

Sewed - Personal Blog



6)  Halftone – Tumblr Theme

Responsive Design, Creative blog retro style theme for tumblr. Upload your own logo, have widgets on the footer and more.

Halftone - Tumblr Theme



7) Woody Theme

Woody Theme is here with nice typography and modern pixel perfect design. This theme is made for Tumblr and it will takes you 1 minute to install theme.

Woody Theme features: Tag Cloud Author Name & Avatar featured on posts (can be turned off) Disqus Comments Google Analytics Flickr Feed Widget Twitter Feed Widget Icons for each post type Social Network Links (choose your own sites) All Tumblr Post Types are supported

Woody Theme



8) Pastel Tumblr Theme

Pastel is a customizable and responsive Tumblr theme, made to adapt to any screen size.

Pastel Tumblr Theme



9) Sunset – a Responsive HTML5 theme for Tumblr

Sunset is a colorful responsive theme HTML5 for Tumblr. It features a Pinterest Masonry layout with Infinite Scrolling and is highly customizable.

Sunset - a Responsive HTML5 theme for Tumblr



10) Glide Responsive Tumblr Theme

Glide is a 100% responsive theme. Suitable for any type of Tumblog. From photography to business. It is a great starting block for bloggers of any skill level.

Glide comes packed full of features and more get added with every update. It features an extensive list of editable options via the Appearance panel, flickr stream, recent posts, fully responsive videos, slider and images.

The Glide Responsive Tumble theme resizes when your browser is resized. No matter what device you view the blog on it will still look as good as the full site. No need to zoom in and try to press tiny buttons.

Glide Responsive Tumblr Theme



11) National Park

National Park is a handsome two-column Tumblr theme, with an index page that can show off your music and Flickr photos beside your posts.

Features and configuration options of National Park include:

  • Custom header/title font (Mirisch)
  • Optionally replace blog title (as shown on sample theme) or entire header with custom image
  • Option to display Flickr photos in sidebar (use idGettr to find your user ID)
  • Option to display album art for favorite music in sidebar
  • Option to display up to six social links
  • Option to show Twitter timeline
  • Option to show Twitter and Facebook buttons on each post
  • Google Analytics

National Park



12) Queens

Queens is a delicate theme. It’s never quite the same either – you can control the look and feel of your blog by uploading your very own background image.




13) Effector

This is a very classic and professional theme that can effectively help you share to your followers and subscribers, you garden tips, garden notes and techniques.




14) Single A

The Single A tumblr theme introduces two new features: the sticky post and featured posts. It is a simple, but super customizable free theme.

Sticky Post

With Single A you have the ability to “stick” one post at the top of your blog regardless of the date and time of the post.

The sticky post feature allows you to do any of these things. With the sticky tag you can highlight whatever you want in your blog’s top spot.

Single A



15) Wooden

This is a classic theme with a very clean and attractive appeal.




16) Field Notes

Simple but very classy and clean. The text is clearly seen and photos can effectively be used here as well.

Field Notes



17) Solstice

Simple and stylish but very professional. The font is clear and well read.




18) Bus Full of Hippies

A port of this classic, and extremely popular, award-winning design, modified to fit on Tumblr.

Bus Full of Hippies



19) Longform

Longfrom is our gilded carriage for text. Typographical refinement and a pristine layout make content pop while staying classically minimal. It’s an beautiful and expansive space for the full extent of your creativity, perfect for content-heavy blogs of all kinds.




20) Default 

This is a very simple theme but with a professional vibe. This will surely work to showcase your gardening tips and techniques.



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