25 Customizable Logos for Clubs and Bars

By August 9, 2013Logos

Logos for Clubs and Bars should definitely be eye-catchy and stunning. They should easily capture the curiosity and interest. The design should be modern and sophisticated in some manner and also fun and conveys entertainment. Most Logos for Clubs and Bars are generally classy and high-end. These are some of the logos that you can use.

*List compiled by staff writer April.



 Just FYI, the logos listed here are templates.  
If you need a custom logo to really make an impression with your brand or product, 
we’d love to create something for you.

Or, set up a design contest so designers compete to create the best design for you!



1) Elegant color and font. Iconic arrangement of the images and the fonts altogether.


2) Simple but definitely striking. Good choice of color and clean font.


3) Elegantly striking colors and unique wine glass image made possible through interesting details and various color shades.


4) Even by just using the black color, this image definitely stands out with lines that create the clef design.


5) Very artistic and modern design. Love the details with a very urban vibe.


6) Very classic and elegant design and text. Red and black truly exude elegance and really work well together.


7) Vibrant colors and details on the wine glass image. Classic and professional font.


8) Simple but truly modern design with classic earth tone colors.


9) Attractive and elegant font with vibrant colors. Attractive and modern cocktail image.


10) Very classic and elegant typography, wine glass image with sheer metallic effect and impressive color combination.


11) Unique color combination makes this design stand out. Interesting details on the cocktail image.


12) Great juke box design which definitely makes a statement. Good choice of colors and font.


13) Stylish design which stand out details. The color combination, gold and black really works well in achieving an elegant effect.


14) Interesting integration of images and design details with unique colors and font.


15) Striking image with vibrant colors. Definitely stands out and makes a statement. Good choices of colors.


16) Classic and stylish design with impressive details giving the beer mug a sketch effect.


17) This works well for a music bar. Simple font but with striking colors and impressive details.


18) Very attractive beer mug images with impressive design elements and a really modern and striking font.


19) Very stylish design. The detailing works really well and the color is really attractive. Simple but definitely classy.


20) Black and white really works well for this logo. Simple but very elegant.


21) Highly classy design with a vibrant red coloring. The play of design and the arrangement of image make this really interesting.


22) Striking colors with interesting details. Definitely makes a statement.


23) Simple but very unique. Impressive integration of the guitar image with the text.


24) Very elegant design and highly impressive details which gives an overall outstanding effect. Bold font and good color combination.


25) The shine effect makes this stand out. Elegant colors, impressive details and standout font.




Looking for website design templates for your Bar or Club website?  We’ve compiled a list.

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