25 Customizable Logos for Designers

By January 17, 2014Blog

These are some of the best logos highly recommended for designers. The colors should be bold, vibrant while the design should not be limited, but instead, should be playful. The logo should showcase what a designer has to offer. Upon seeing the logo, a high sense of creativity must instantly be expressed.



 Just FYI, the logos listed here are templates.  
If you need a custom logo to really make an impression with your brand or product, 
we’d love to create something for you.

Or, set up a design contest so designers compete to create the best design for you!



1) A simple logo made unique by the colorful reflection on the side. The font is simple and has good impact.


2) The shades of colors gives this image a very modern effect. It’s very playful as well in a sense that it appears to be floating in mid-air. Truly interesting!


3) Simple and direct to the point. The image is cute and easily recognizable.


4) Elegantly impressive. The play of colors and abstract shapes really makes this unique image worth the second look.


5) The integration of various shapes, the variation in colors and the dimesions really make this image fresh and truly attractive.


6) Who could have thought that a simple mix  of round shapes can form an interesting image like this? Definitely showcases a designer’s artistic side.


7)An interesting whirlpool of colors combined with a classic font is a sure fire hit.


8) The round border definitely makes a huge impact in this image. The intricate details make it more elegant.


9) Abstract, quirky and really interesting, definitely perfect for designers


10) A simple abstract design with an interesting choice of colors.


11) An elegant image that does not require much of design to stand out. The font is simple but formal.


12)  The mix of shapes and variation of colors definitely make this image stand out.  The shapes are perfectly arranged to achieve a unique mosaic effect.


13) The uniquely shaped image and its rainbow colors make this logo a perfect hit for all the designers out there.


14) The three dimensional boxed and their vibrant colors make this really eye-catchy. The font is truly modern and full of impact.


15) Sophisticated design with a unique choice of colors


16) Simple, modern and elegant. The colors are very attractive and the shapes and angles are truly playful making it a lot more interesting.


17) The signature inspired logo definitely makes a statement.


18) Another fresh and sleek logo which a great choice of colors and play of shapes.


19) The bulb image definitely stands out and its details make it really attractive.


20) Elegant image with a fresh vibe, colors are vibrant, and definitely pleasing to the eye.


21) Intelligent and sophisticated design fitting perfectly with a unique font


22) Simple pencil images arranged and combined perfectly can surely make an impact


23) The intricate details combined with the elegant font and subtle colors make a perfect combination.


24) The design is highly innovative and creative. Who could neglect the interesting mix of colors?


25) Modern, playful and definitely has a statement.


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