25 Customizable Logos for Organizations

By November 8, 2013Logos

As for businesses, logos for organizations must convey professionalism and trust. These logos usually include images that are symbolic or representative of unity, peace, communication, integration, society, and community  among others. These logos, as a whole, makes an impact, and is something that must appeal not only to the mind but also to the heart of anyone who would see it. Here are some of the best Logos for organizations that you can use.



 Just FYI, the logos listed here are templates.  
If you need a custom logo to really make an impression with your brand or product, 
we’d love to create something for you.

Or, set up a design contest so designers compete to create the best design for you!



1)  Modern and unique logo with fresh and vibrant colors that’s great at capturing attention.


2) Interesting and symbolic logo integrating flame with the heart and possibly a house? Red and black exudes a strong and powerful vibe.


3) Nature color shades shades. The image design is eye-catching with the integration of human caricatures and the heart.


4) Simple but very playful and symbolic image. Good choices of colors which perfectly complements each other.


5) The eye-catching contrast of colors makes this standout. The image is very fun, young, and interesting at the same time. Logo is really creative.


6) The vibrant colors make the image stand out. Impressive fine details with a bold and classic font.


7) A very symbolic figure with classic colors and a truly professional font.


8) Simple but very creative design with a clean font.


9) Purple and pink is a great color combination. Love the image of two people holding hands in a heart.


10) Orange and green are vibrant colors that truly make this design stand out.


11) Another great color combination with a creative integration of two human caricatures.


12) The portrayal of the hands and the heart definitely creates a good symbol definitely making a statement. The brown color is subtle but it is complemented by a vibrant light blue color.


13) A very elegant and vibrant design which clearly depicts unity within a community. The colors are fascinating and definitely eye-catchy.


14) A highly symbolic and professional image with clear designs and a classic font.


15) Fun and interesting design with highly attractive colors


16) Simple but very elegant with eye-catching colors. The body form image is kept clean and clear.


17) Blue and red really worked well in this image. The heart symbol stands out and definitely creates happy feeling.


18) The color combination is really good. The image is very interesting and symbolic. The font is really professional.


19) Creative and playful image depicting a home with a symbolic heart. The colors make the image truly fresh and vibrant.


20) Simple and very professional image with a good choice of colors, making the entire picture very fresh and modern.


21) Classic and professional image with a fine detail.


22) Artistic, colorful and fun image with a truly lively expression. This design truly stands out because of its colors and people body language.


23) Very creative design with impressive details and symbolic appeal. Earth tone colors really worked well in this image.


24) Yellow and light blue is a very eye-catchy combination. The human caricatures are very interesting.


25) Simple but still very elegant. Good choice of color.  The twitter bird would be proud.




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