25 Customizable Logos for Wedding Services

By November 1, 2013Logos

Logos for Wedding Services are usually elegant and stylish to reflect the once-in-a-lifetime weddings they make possible. Most of these logos have lots of interesting details to embody the joy, love, and style of the occasion. Small details, intricate designs, playful borders but definitely elegant fonts are highly recommended. You can observe these among the following logo templates I’ve selected for wedding services.

*List compiled by staff writer April.



 Just FYI, the logos listed here are templates.  
If you need a custom logo to really make an impression with your brand or product, 
we’d love to create something for you.

Or, set up a design contest so designers compete to create the best design for you!



1) The abstract flower design is beautiful and makes the entire image very unique and playful.


2) Elegant and truly high class. Simple but sophisticated.


3) Even with just the initials and the round border, this image would already stand out. With the addition of creative details, it was even made more attractive.


4) Creative with the use of small flower details as borders, playful with the use of various shades of green and perfect choice of a truly creative font


5) Very detailed and attractive gift boxes combined with a whimsical font


6) The font is highly commendable as it definitely steps up the entire logo by adding up extreme elegance.


7) The initials are well arranged with the creative addition of small ornamental designs for an even more attractive vibe.


8) The colors chosen are very attractive and they complement each other very well.  Ornate border.


9) The signature inspired font simply makes a statement. It also adds uniqueness to the entire image.


10) The colors, the font and the overall style are simple yet elegant in a way. How the image of the kite is integrated into the wordings makes it really more interesting.


11) The details on the badge looking image is definitely elegant looking. The font and its typography is really attractive and has a good recall.


12) Simple, classic and definitely has an impact. The font style is definitely unique with its signature effect.


13) The image is nicely integrated with the font. The partition of the image is truly creative and impressive.


14) Simple and does not need too much detail to leave an impact. Clean font wit a very relaxing color.


15) The color combination is very beautiful. The light green color definitely stands out and it is perfectly complemented with the shade of pink together with the whimsical image on the side.


16) The frame makes the entire image stand out. The font is playfully attractive. The light blue and light gray color combination really works well together.


17) The cake image is definitely cute and interesting. The font complements the image well.


18) Very elegant and stylish. Light blue and pink works really well. The round badge definitely makes a statement. The font and its typography is perfectly arranged.


19) The cake image is really attractive and has a somewhat two dimensional effect. The font also looks impressive.


20) The borders are elegantly crafted. The font is simple but full of impact. This teal-blue is a great choice for an elegant effect.


21) A very modern and playful design combining the image of a ring and a shutter lens.


22) This image greatly appeals to the feminine community. The bold and vibrant pink color clearly complements the overall style.


23) The green colored flowers makes the total image really unique and eye-catchy.  The font is well arranged.


24) Interesting details on the image. Simply direct to the point, presenting an image of a bridal gown


25) The intricate designs and their mix of colors are definitely attractive.


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