Best Time to Blog, Tweet, ReTweet, Share on Facebook

By November 7, 2011Marketing, SEO, Tutorials

You want to get noticed online. I mean, isn’t that why you’re writing articles, blogging, tweeting, Youtubing and all that jazz?

After spending so much energy and time putting together an article or blog post, you’re excited to just get it out there! You press “publish” and quickly tweet and share on Facebook right away. Except it’s 3am and no one’s awake to catch your updated post on their RSS reader, twitter stream, or Facebook.

Dr. Pete on SEOmoz wrote about why great content fail, reminding us, among other things, when and how you promote your masterpieces really matters. Take a page out of strategies of great marketers like Apple. They don’t release their much anticipated product right away. They research and plan what’s the best way.

By timing your posting, tweeting, retweeting, and Facebook sharing well, you can get you a lot more attention. Dan Zarella recently showed how he figured out the best times of the day and week for him to blog, tweet, get retweets and share on Facebook. This really depends on your audience, your industry, but here’s what he found:

  • Retweets more common during the day than night, peaking around 4pm EST.
  • Retweets peak on Fridays
  • Facebook posts most likely shared around 9am EST
  • Facebook posts mostly shared on Saturdays

The best timing advice, however, may actually be around frequency. Last week, I analyzed 1000 of the most popular blogs on the web, according to Technorati. I compared their posting frequency with the number of incoming links and visitors they had attracted (according to Yahoo and Compete).

I found that among very popular blogs, publishing multiple times per day led to a huge increase in a blog’s success. This tells us that rather than focusing one perfect day or time, we should aim to publish at many times, and on many days.”

Schedule Facebook Posts, Tweets and ReTweet Time

TweetWhen is great tool to do this research yourself for Twitter.

It’s easy to schedule Facebook posts and tweets for a later time and date with Tweetdeck.  Tweetdeck allows you to connect to both Facebook and twitter accounts.  Just click the clock icon next to your Send button.

Schedule WordPress Blog Post Time

Above the publish button when writing both post and pages in WordPress, there is a calendar icon followed by “Publish [time].”  This allows you to edit when to publish a post or page.  You can change the time so the post is published at a later date and time, or even at a date and time that’s already passed.

Schedule Blogger Blog Post Time

When writing a new blog post, look for “Post Options” below your standard write box.  Open Post Options and change the time and date to when you want to schedule the blog to post.

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