Cafe Logo Design Ideas and Examples

By November 30, 2011Icons, Logos

Cafe, coffee, and even bakery logos have a certain style to them.  I guess the theme is “breakfast” or “morning” instead of coffee shop vs. bakery shop.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the coffee and bakery logo trends, which are usually limited to:

  • Coffee Cup
  • Coffee Cup with Steam
  • Coffee Bean
  • Coffee Stains
  • Curly lines and font text
  • Havana or Colombia South American Style
  • Art Deco style seals (like Starbucks)
  • Includes a circle

If you’re doing something new with coffee, baking, bakery, or opening a cafe, a logo will help people recognize your brand and stand out from the crowd.  The challenge if you’re having a cafe logo or coffee logo designed is

  • Still follow the trends, so people know, through your logo, you’re doing something related to the morning theme
  • Creatively different so you still stand out and not look like just another coffee cup with steam!

Getting a professional logo designer can really help put these concepts together and make an impact on the community, but you should have an idea of what you would like and represents you the best.  Here are some examples of Cafe Logos, Coffee Shop Logos, and Bakery Logos I’ve come across while finding ideas for a Cafe logo design project:

Coffee Cup



To me, this is what good logo design is all about.  This image is so intriguing and instantly conveys the feelings associated with coffee!  Amazingly, it has all the “usual” themes of coffee cup with steam and curly font, but how it was creatively put together is unmistakably unique.


Seamless combination of the company name UP into the coffee cup.  Simple and eye catching


Including the empty winter trees is a great touch, making you feel colder and wanting a hot cup of coffee or whatever else the cafe offers!


Creative meshing of letters, fish, and splash!  The question is, what is the spash?  Coffee or water for the fish?



I think the odd-looking “M” Coffee Mug caught my eye more than anything else.  But I like it.


Coffee cup? Check!  Electronic circuits?  Check!  No mistaking the theme and topic of this brand or business.


Lively cup and amazon-style for Cafes in the warmer parts of the world.

Not a Coffee shop, cafe, or bakery, but a photographer!  Great use of cross-industry imagery to borrow the feelings associated with coffee for photography.


Appealing, unique, yet in-your-face font definitely makes this logo stand out!  Reminds us how important font and arrangement of the text is! Love it.  And yes, the coffee cup with steam is still in there to convey the theme.

Eye catching in it’s simplicity and boldness of shapes.  Integrates the chocolate and coffee/tea very well I think.


Coffee Cup Icons


Simplified shape of the coffee cup.  Very similar (identical) to the search magnifying glass icon.  The double use makes sense, but I would emphasize the word Coffee with a different design, font, or color.


Simple combination of the speech box icon and the coffee cup.


The pattern of cups may make this noticeable.  The focus is more on the pattern than the coffee cup, making this more modern.


Coffee Stain Designs



Havana & Colombia Style

Classy artwork with great dark and rich earth tone colors.  Matched with a modern framing of around the text is a good mix of conveying traditional coffee with modern professionalism.



Texture, font, and color all match the earthy feel associated with natural coffee.




Saw this over at Creative Overflow.  This one was the first logo that stood out in a list of 50 brown and tan themed coffee and cafe logos.


Looks like the Budweiser “King” or “Crown” logo doesn’t it?  Still, it’s very cool and works for a city bar and restaurant.


Seems more like an art show ad doesn’t it?



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