How Important Is Design For Your Business Success? 1500 Startups Respond

By February 12, 2014Visual Design

We all know corporations and entertainment media are all about design, branding, marketing. But is design just as important for startups, small businesses, Youtube stars, and web entrepreneurs? Do design elements such as colors and logo uniqueness actually improve how much money you make?

The web marketing consultants and SEO consultants that pull in the big bucks definitely think so. More and more they attribute their client’s success on design since a good design gives customers a positive experience and more likely do business with you.

But does that sentiment trickle down to the people actually running small businesses and deciding how much emphasis to place on design work? To find out, 99designs polled 1,500 small business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs and design decision-makers on graphic design and its importance to their business. The results sent a clear message: small businesses really do care about design, and expect it to become increasingly important to their success in the years ahead.

Does Design Matter? 99designs Survey of 1,500 Small Businesses and Startups

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