Cute Girly Tumblr Layout Themes and Backgrounds

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  • November 02, 2011

Make your Tumblr blog stand out with these cute Tumblr layout themes.  How do you feel today?  Choose a Tumblr website template that matches you.  Collect different templates and change it up as much as you’d like.  Let us know which ones you like best!

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Cherry by Pixify

Clean, colorful, and cute!


grey grey


Essentia 2-in-1 Tumblr Theme by Tiny Giant Studios

Comes in 2 flavors: light and dark!  Special features to upload your own background and watch it float.

grey grey


Diana Theme by Chloe B

Stylish vintage postcard layout for Tumblr blogs.  Add twitter, flickr photos, and more.

grey grey


Vintage Sky by Kohette

Twitter birds, Fail Whale, and animated floated clouds?  Fun and awesome!

grey grey


Button Theme by Simurai

Button and fabric theme.

grey grey


Thinking of You by Sincerely-Marie

Classic pink polka dot Tumblr layout.

grey grey


Blue Moon by Sincerely-Marie

Another cute Tumblr Layout by Sincerely-Marie.  Like the Thinking of You layout except this one has a blue lacy background.

grey grey

Chalkdust v.2.0

Chalkart Tumblr layout with tons of customizable colors and chalk font!

grey grey


Colorful Space v2.0 by deshiknaves

Colorful neon bubbles Tumblr layout theme!

grey grey


Vanilla Pod by podflower

Retro European fashion style layout for Tumblr!  Love the color scheme and little icon elements.  Reminds me of the Coco Chanel movie!

grey grey

Lady in Pink Theme by heloteixeira

Pink wallpaper and black layout for Tumblr blogs.

grey grey


Fluffy Theme by heloteixeira

Fluffy simple theme for Tumblr blogs.

grey grey


Silly Life Theme by heloteixeira

Simple pink stripes and white background layout for Tumblr blogs.

grey grey


Champagne & Limousines

Pink layout with pink and purple leopard skin background.

grey grey


The Elephant in the Room by whywaitfortomorrow

Four illustrated pastel elephants. Says it all.

grey grey


Think of Something by tsunamijohnny

Tumblr layout with lots of pink and yellow heart flower patterns in the background.

grey grey


Cotton Candy by christinetofu

Pink and white polka dots.

grey grey


Imperial by behradghadiri

Purple ribbon bookmark and wallpaper Tumblr layout theme.

grey grey


Summer Day theme by heloteixeira

Kiddie crayon stripes background layout for Tumblr blogs.

grey grey


Love Love

Simple, handwriting font.

grey grey


White Milk by ueberleben

Clean, white Tumblr theme with light gray diamond background. Milk it.

grey grey

go CRAZY by jcquartz

Colorful simple Tumblr Theme!

grey grey

Fiction by diverges

Simple Tumblr theme with cartoon illustrations

grey grey


Theme Kitty by andrwreynolds

The internet is known for making cat videos famous.  Now go crazy with a cat Tumblr theme!

grey grey


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