Developing iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android Apps: How Long Does It Take? [Infographic]

A friend was curious about app development and possibly getting into the business. Shared the following infographic with them that shows a general mobile app development cycle for iOS (iphone, ipad) and Android phones. This infographic shows the general steps of building an app, and gives an estimate of how long it takes to build apps. Obviously, each app is unique. The time spent on each phase varies depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. The overall app doesn’t necessarily take 18 weeks to develop either, but this is a good overview of what generally needs to be done when creating a mobile app.

However, if you’re just looking to hire someone to develop your mobile app, they should be able to do it much faster. Professional developers will have app templates to quickly build off of, and have components, plugins, etc. that will allow them to quickly put together the features you need.

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