Build Your Online Store: Guide to Your Ideal E-Commerce Software [Infographic]

By October 30, 2013Blog, eCommerce

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Your vision is about your products, your designs, your brand. So when it comes to choosing the perfect e-commerce software to sell your stuff online, the focus must be on what you’re selling and who your customers are. The vast majority of ecommerce platform reviews have it wrong: they start with the software platform in mind instead of the entrepreneur in mind. If you’re a small boutique shop, you don’t want a large Costco-sized warehouse, even if you can afford it. Doesn’t match your products, your customers, and your brand.

The great folks at Ecommerce Rules put together the infographic below. They’ve analyzed the 9 types of entrepreneurs and recommends the perfect ecommerce platform for each one.

From Shopify for clothing and accessories to Magento, the complete shopping cart even used by Nike, this infographic easily shows you what’s best for you. This infographic even includes ebay and craigslist as options if it matches your business.

I mean, why get lots of features you don’t need and the frustration of dealing with developers if you don’t need it, right? On the other hand, if you’re planning to be the next, you better have the software and setup to make it possible!

Need help setting up your online store?  We’re here to help!

The 80/20 Guide to Finding the Perfect Ecommerce Platform

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