Great Social Media Marketing: IKEA Facebook Showroom (2009)

What a brilliant Facebook social media marketing campaign by IKEA.  While this type of marketing isn’t allowed by Facebook anymore, it’s still a great example to learn from.  Usually the most elegant solutions are the most simple.

Years ago in college for an engineering design class, one of the other teams’ invention for adjusting a pole vault height was simply 2 strips of velcro.  Never forgot it.

Same here.  For IKEA, this campaign didn’t require hiring any Facebook or web developers.  All they used was the existing Facebook picture tagging feature, combined with the traditional “Free giveaway contests” idea.  To me, the simplicity was more important to get users to engage with the content and spread it.  Using Facebook’s existing tagging feature means no learning curve required for users to engage in the contest.  Many Facebook marketing campaignsthough cool, either takes too much time to do or have learning curves preventing certain users from engaging with it.

Watch the video.


Also cool: Intel’s Museum of Me

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