Ultimate List of Logo Ideas, Examples & Inspiration

By February 5, 2014Inspiration, Logos

You know what’s the toughest part about getting great designs out of freelancers or design contests? Conveying what you want. Explaining what your ideal logo looks like. I mean, you’re not a designer, that’s why your outsourcing it to a freelancer or crowdsourcing it through a contest.

The solution is simple.

  1. Look through these amazing logo galleries.
  2. Save links to the logos that is the closest to what you want for yourself or any logos that impress you
  3. Include these logo links in your project description when you hire a freelance designer or start a design contest

You’ve  just communicated what you want visually without having to be a designer yourself.  Your logo results are going to be much better than if you just left it up to the freelancer to come up with something out of thin air.

You can do the same for any graphic design you need completed so you and your designer are on the same page, saving both of you time and communication problems.


1.  LogoPond

Over 7,000 logos as of this post!



2.  99Designs

See top crowdsourced logo designs.  Tons of variations from different designers for each logo concept.



3. Creattica

Thousands of intricate, iconic professional logos from one of the biggest design marketplaces, Envato.



4.  Logo Bite



5. LogoFaves

Over 1,000 logos as of this post.



6.  Logospire





7.  LogoGala

Amazing logo designs categorized even by color.  Find ideas that match your website or business color schemes!



8.  Logo Galleria



9.  Logo of the Day



10.  Logo Moose

Logo design community.



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