Music Video Shoot – Shane Kanoa Covers “Forever Now” (Ne-Yo)

Shot this music video over the weekend at an Undisclosed Warehouse Location.  Shane recorded a cover of Ne-Yo’s new single “Forever Now” which he wanted a quick music video of.

This was not a full production music video shoot, as with the When Boy Meets Girl music video series.  Goal for this shoot was simplicity and speed.

Some of the things I experimented with:

  • Convey open space.  Did so through location setup: where the performer was in relation to the environment, and marking out distances through use of lights.
  • 4 set angles: scene shot from the front, left closeup, right closeup, guitar closeup
  • framing: experimented with tilted angles and kept facial features in left third and right thirds of the shot
  • Camera movement in relation to framing, light sources, and key angles of the performer (usually above or below eyeline)

Color Correction & Grading






Left Angle



Front Scene Shot – Tilted Angle (reveal movement on dolly)


Right Angle – Mouth Closeup to Emphasize Singing



Scene Shot – Right Angle


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