Promotional Trailer (highlight reel) of Florida Panthers’ Money Management seminar presented by David Greenberg (Greenberg Capital LLC).  Includes custom graphic designed for introduction and infographic animation to highlight talking points.  Photos and visual effects designed to complement concepts being presented by David.

Features private Money Management Seminar for Florida Panthers’ NHL players discussing personal finance and financial success specifically for professional athletes.  David offers Personal Money Mgt, leadership, business and mentoring programs to executives, media professionals, athletes and students.

Throughout his career, Mr. Greenberg has appeared on numerous media outlets including CNN, Fox Business News, Bloomberg and CNBC. He is frequently interviewed about executive board decisions and business projections. Mr. Greenberg has been a guest lecturer for the finance program at West Point Military Academy, Columbia Business School, the Jack Welch Experience at Sacred Heart University, the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University and Hofstra University.

David has transformed peoples lives with his unique style of Business Coaching and Personal Money Mtg systems to protect your family from debt .

David is available for corporate, media, and collegiate speaking engagements and Keynote

**Photos & Videos Provided by David Greenberg.**
**Visual Effects and Graphics Created by Jeffrey Lin Media**

David Greenberg / Greenberg Capital
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Locations: Florida Panthers’ NHL Team
Presenter: David Greenberg
Directed By: 
Jeffrey Lin
Narrative Storyboard: Jeffrey Lin
Ediited By: Jeffrey Lin

“Your works is top rate. Thank you for your help” ~David Greenberg

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