EPIC DANCE BATTLES – Level 1 “Red vs Blue” (Video Game Tribute)

Check out our EPIC DANCE BATTLES promo for the premier of truTV ‘s “FAKE OFF” by Matt Steffanina! 

This Epic Dance Battle Video is in partnership with truTV’s Fake Off. Make sure to check it out Monday’s at 10/9c!

The Ultimate Dance Video Game created by Matt Steffanina — watch two crews battle it out on Level 1 using everything from fire balls to shrink rays.

How EPIC? We had a little of Super Mario, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, The Matrix, Stargate, and Wreck ‘Em Ralph, summon secret characters & secret Levels…all in 3 minutes. Who wins? RED vs. BLUE

From no concept to TV premier night in 9 days!   We planned, rehearsed, produced, filmed, and edited this around the clock, 24/7 with these ballers.  No one I’d rather do this with.


Locations: Monk SpaceYoutube Space LA
Directed & Produced by: Matt Steffanina
Choreography by: Matt Steffanina, Dana Alexa, Alec Clawson
Filmed by: Matt Steffanina & Jeffrey Lin
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Lin
Edited by:
Matt Steffanina & Jeffrey Lin
Special Effects by: Jeffrey Lin, Matt Steffanina, Alec Clawson
Music by: Legend Da BeatSlaya
Wardrobe by: Dana Alexa
Production Assistant: Ariel LaFontaine


RED Crew:
Dana Alexa
Esai Ramirez
Sean Joshua Lumbab

BLUE Crew:
Alec Clawson
Marie ‘Poppins’ Bonnevay
Vinny Balbo
Eric Dawkins

Lil RED Crew:
Soni Bringas
Ryan Phuong
Kenneth San Jose

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