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You’ve spoken in front of large audiences, interviewed on television, written books and have loads of presentation footage. Your biggest challenge now is bringing it all together in a clear, concise and emotionally compelling way. Get a video reel to showcase your content and take control of your speaking brand through emphatic yet entertaining video to captivate your target audience.

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Choose from our library of static and motion backgrounds.  We can change the colors to match your website or logo. Or have us design a custom and unique Motion Background just for you.

We can prominently display your logo in your video, helping to strengthen your brand. Please provide us with a high quality version of your video.

Phone Number
Getting potential customers your contact information is very important. We suggest adding your phone number to your video.

We believe your URL should be displayed constantly on your video. For many businesses, their website is their primary or even only point of contact with their customers. That means that getting your website address into your potential clients’ minds is very important.

Our Intros and Outros are 3 to 8 seconds long and can include your logo, phone number and URL. We will create an animated or motion effect to grab your viewer attention. The Intro and Outro are used to bookend your Video Presentation, give it a professional look, and help to strengthen your brand.

Music is an optional choice you can use to help set the mood and tone of a presentation. We do have a music library of royalty free music. You can listen to our music collection HERE. If you want more control over the music choice, please provide us with the exact licensed music you have purchased the rights to use.

Sound Effects
At certain times during your video a sound effect may be effective. We do have a small library of sound effects. Just ask us to add appropriate sound effect. Or if you want control over the sound effects. you can find many royalty free or inexpensive sound effects with a little searching on the internet. All sound effects used in your Video Presentation must be royalty free or owned by you.

Total Visual Elements
Depending on which package you have purchased you can add a specific number of visuals. You can have Text, Image and Video Elements in your Video Presentation. See the matrix above to know the number of visuals your package allows.

One of the Visual Elements that you can use to emphasis what the video spokesperson is saying is text. It can insure clarity of your message. A text element can be a single word that comes on the screen for a couple seconds to several lines or bullet points.

Images are an important way to get your point across and help tell your story. Whether you want images of people, places or screen shots of your website, it can bring life to your video. We have a small library of images that we can use for your Video Presentation at no additional cost. If there is something that we don’t have, you can purchase images on the internet where you can find royalty free images for a reasonable price. We follow copyright laws and will not allow unlicensed images in your video. All images must be purchased from the appropriate owner (a Google image search is not a legal method of acquiring images).

Video footage and clips can be added to your own Video Presentation to give it a bit of flare. We have a small library of video footage that we can choose and add at no cost. If you would like to have control over video choices you can purchase footage from a stock footage website and provide it to us prior to beginning production.

Typography drive the brand image and mood so naturally most people never think about it.  Combined with text animation and music, the typography connects with the audience no other element can.  This is a pretty spectacular effect and can be very useful in getting your point across. This type of video can be very time consuming and will have additional costs associated with it. Please check with your project manager

Due to the low cost at which we provide our Video Presentations, the preparation process is very important.  Have your logo and any graphics or images ready to send. This is your opportunity to provide input and make final decisions about your video. Don’t worry, if we make a spelling mistake or use the wrong graphic, will fix it. However, we want to have everything ready to go after the project begins.  Once we have completed your video, you will receive access to a non-HD version for you to check and make sure there are no misspellings and that we used the right graphics in the right places. Beside those fixes, we will allow additional visual element changes depending on your package. We will make the changes you request and then send you a access to a HD version of your new video ready for you to download.

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