Ranking Better on Google using Long Tail Keywords

By October 29, 2011SEO, Tutorials, Video

You know you need to target certain keywords to rank well and get seen on Google, Bing or other search engines.  But I’ve faced this problem many times: all the obvious, general keywords are “taken”!

In other words, bigger, more established sites have built up reputation for those keywords over time and almost always comes up on top.  This challenge happens a lot for websites in common industries like Legal or Stock Market with tons and tons of websites fighting over the same topic keywords.

How can your website battle through the crowd of sites in your industry and get seen by people Googling about your topic?  Often, the answer lies in the statistic that 20% of online searches are completely unique (never searched before in history!).  We humans are very creative in how we ask the search box.  It’s called long tail keywords.  SEO Grand Master Rand Mishkin, founder of SEOmoz, explains long tail keywords and how to use it successfully in this video:


Just throwing this in for fun.  How to Google something on Facebook without using Google (children required).

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