Day 1: Get On the Web with a Domain Name (Web Address)

Ready for officially staking a claim on the web?

First, choose your own web address (domain name).

Even if you just blog on a free site like Blogger,, or Tumblr, there’s something about having your own .com, .net, or .ly web address that’s exciting.  Maybe it’s the same pride as naming your child, or simply expressing the your unique identity as an individual or company.

What to do with a Web Address?

Just want your own .com email?  A domain name is just the address, but it doesn’t mean you have a website (yet)!  And if you don’t want a website, you can just use the address as your email address instead of using your personal Gmail or Yahoo email accounts.

Already have a free blog on Blogger,, or another free service?  Think of wherever the content of your site is as the actual property.   You can have your domain name forward visitors to your free blog by rename your free blog from something like  to

Ready to make the jump to having your own website under your own control (not using Blogger, Tumblr, or’s service)?  Obviously then you’ll forward visitors from your domain name address to a property you own.  Your property will be where all of your website’s “stuff” is built.  Content, video, pictures, e-commerce store data, etc.  But where do you get space to build your website?  That brings us to Web Hosting!

Day 2: Easy Web Hosting for Your Own DIY Websites


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