25 Customizable Logos for Churches and Religious Groups

By March 10, 2014Logos

Logos for Churches and Religious Groups will usually involve the images of a cross, a dove, a church and other symbolic representations including the heart, flame and even light. These logos should definitely be formal and elegant. Too much design is not really necessary within this range of logos. They must stand out and express a certain authoritative vibe because they have to represent a religious group or even more importantly, a church. They should be eye-friendly and easy to remember.  These are some of the most advisable logos that can be used for churches and religious groups.



 Just FYI, the logos listed here are templates.  
If you need a custom logo to really make an impression with your brand or product, 
we’d love to create something for you.

Or, set up a design contest so designers compete to create the best design for you!



1) This is a very creative and colorful image that expresses life and religion in a very lively effect. The colors are eye-catchy and the cross image stands out.


2) A very elegant and stunning image channeling the heart with its flames. Used very strong and formal colors, red and black.


3) The image seems to have a lighted effect making it really attractive. The colors are very elegant and the way the shapes are combined to form a cross is really commendable.


4) Simple and interesting image resembling the cross in a more creative manner


5) A very formal logo wisely integrating leaf images with a cross. The colors are elegant and highly complementing each other.


6) The gold to orange color mixed with fiery red definitely makes the entire image stand out. Very elegant, and truly worth the second look. It’s something that definitely makes a statement.


7) Creative and fun image. The use of shades of blue makes it really classical and elegant.


8)The font is highly professional and the way the cross is portrayed is very creative.


9) This is a very interesting and modern design using fresh and vibrant colors.


10) Classic, elegant and professional. The way the dove image is surrounded by colored crescent shapes makes this really unique.


11) The sketch like effect of the image makes this really simple but definitely attractive.


12) Very modern, eye-catchy and vibrant. The colors perfectly match each other and the lighting effect truly adds up to its elegant vibe.


13) The classic image of the cross and the dove given a unique twist with a sketch like outline effect. The font looks very professional.


14) Simple but made very creative with the mix of various colors.


15) Unique shape with a clear cross image and good choice of strong and fiery colors


16) Elegant and very professional, from the image to the font and up to the color choices


17) Simple yet very colorful, the cross image truly stands out among the colored borders


18) Wise use of the shades of blue for the colors. The two dimensional effect of the structure makes it really stand out.


19) A really interesting and eye-catchy image with a very elegant color


20) Looks very professional with its embossed effect and fiery color combination. This image stands out even from afar.

21315307~fc27fa2fa4a1532c155346ba0c460bd2b2aad939-stocklarge (1)

21) Creative way of presenting the cross image using attractive pastel colors


22) Simple, elegant and definitely direct in representing the image of a cross


23) Clean and simple image with a very pleasing color combination


24) Elegant choice of colors , impressive play of shapes and very attractive details


25) Clean and very peaceful representation of the cross. Impressive typography and good choice of fonts as well


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