Social Media Sharing Stats: When, Where, and How Links Go Viral [Infographic]

By November 15, 2011Marketing, Social Media

Some internet sensations I get.  But I still don’t get how Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black’s Youtube videos were so viral they’re making a career out of it.  What’s for certain is SkyNet isn’t taking over the world yet.  Viral sensations on Youtube, website links, and brainteasing infographics are passed on by people.  The good ‘ole “word of mouth” except now everyone speaks with a megaphone to hundreds, thousands, or millions of facebook friends, twitter followers, or tumblr(ers?).

Point is, you’ve got to make something really awesome for people to want to share it.  Oh, but only if it were as simple as that.  Whatever you made, you’ve got to let people know about it before they can share it!  You’ve got to give your work the best chance to succeed and go viral into the world.  When’s the best time to post a blog, or tweet a tweet, or share on facebook?  Last time I shared Dan Zarella’s personal social sharing results last time, which depended on his industry and audience.  I also showed how to schedule blog posts, twitter tweets, facebook shares, and LinkedIn posts.

Today I’m posting this infographic by social sharing company AddThis.  It will give you the big picture of when, statistically, social sharing is the highest so you may get the most retweets and facebook shares.  But as with Zarella’s results, these stats of when and where you’ll get the most social sharing really depends on your industry and audience.  In this case, the stats are from all industries so how relevant it is for your purposes.

Want the infographic for yourself? It was posted last month to the AddThis blog, as part of AddThis’s five year birthday celebration.

The full-size files were provided through the Clearspring Flickr account here (Clearspring owns AddThis).

How Long Does Social Sharing Last?

We Love infographics, so why not another one comparing facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, digg, reddit, and stumbleupon.  (Ignore StumbleUpon’s obvious self-promotional angle in this infographic)


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