Making Your Own Website: Choosing WordPress Themes with Good Bone Structure

The most difficult but most important part of choosing a WordPress theme for your website is imagining how the layout will look with your content. As I said, you don’t need to be a web designer, but experience with customizing some WordPress themes definitely helps.

As I was searching for a new WordPress theme design for this website, I thought, why not show you how the same theme can “feel” very different and be used for a variety of websites? Remember, you can significantly change the “feel” of a website’s design by changing 3 things

  1. Font
  2. Images (and background images)
  3. Colors

Most professionally designed WordPress templates you can buy comes with the flexibility to change all 3 of these.  So don’t get distracted by sharp images on the theme’s demo version.  Look for spacing of the content, layout, and how user friendly the website is.

For this current website’s upgrade, I decided on UNDSGN’s StudioFolio WordPress Theme.  Here are 2 screenshots of from StudioFolio’s Demo version followed by how other websites using StudioFolio has customized the look and feel for their own purposes:

StudioFolio Screenshot 1



StudioFolio Screenshot 2



Examples of StudioFolio WordPress Theme customizations (Fonts, Images, Colors)

Sloth Boogie (




Trapped:In (TrappedIn.Net)




Sloan Schang (



Francesca Todde (




Bowersock Photo (




Maren Misner Photography (



Kasia Zmokla Design (


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