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Been looking through the WordPress theme directories (listed in the resources section) for musician themes.  My MarketHeist co-founder and college roommate Shane Kanoa is finally launching his overdue music career.  We’ve been “Packaging” Shane, producing a whole music video series with our other college homie Henry Chen Photography, some acoustic music videos, branding, and of course, a professional singer/band website.

Putting together a “Brand” and “Image” of a performing artist is just that: putting images and memorable performances to the songs fans already love.  That’s the whole package. So, for this project I wasn’t searching just for WordPress templates designed specifically for musicians or bands (which usually has some performance calendar feature and audio player).  Calendar and audio player are easy enough to install as WordPress plugins.

I was looking for WordPress templates with great image and video galleries.  Meaning, looking more at design portfolio and photographer portfolio themes.  I wanted the design to be as minimalistic as possible so the theme design wouldn’t distract from the images and videos. There’s been some deliciously awesome improvements in website designs using jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5.  Also,  responsive layouts makes these WordPress templates look great on mobile devices.  All of these were considerations for choosing these theme ideas.


50+ Best WordPress Themes for Musicians, Bands, & Singers grey


This Way WP Full Video/Image Background with Audio

by RenkliBeyaz

Ridiculously amazing effects, animation, full screen backgrounds that also play video.  Everything loads in the main area, just like on your desktop so you don’t go to different “pages.”  Done with the magic of AJAX.  Only complaint is the full screen video background seem to cause errors in iPhone mode.  Still, top choice.  Just don’t use the full screen video background.

grey grey


Right Now WP Full Video & Image Background with Audio

by RenkliBeyaz

Same designer and same concept as This Way theme above.  Many of the similar features.  Again, very awesome.  But for both of these themes, your singer or band better have great photoshoot images and performance photos, especially for the background.  That’s what’s being featured here.  Like a full screen concert poster.

grey grey

Audiology Responsive WordPress Audio theme

by iKreativ

Ok, maybe not exactly featuring the artists’ brand or image.  I don’t care. This theme is COOL! HAD to include this for a music theme.  Extremely creative way of laying out songs as realistically looking albums.  Play audio straight from the album covers!  Try expanding the width of your browser window and watch the responsive design dynamically adjust the design with it!  But yeah, this may work better for a music store…

grey grey

Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

by imaginem

Looks like a fullscreen magazine on the homepage, where a couple of feature images are shown in slideshow mode like magazine covers.  Also has fullscreen video.  Gallery and blog layout are also very simple and clean.  Love it.  Did I mention it’s also responsive, works great on iPad and mobile devices.

grey grey


Duotive Three – Complete WordPress Template

by duotive

Yes, the demo looks like a wedding photographer’s portfolio.  But using the masonry (different image sizes in a grid like Pinterest) image layout in the featured slider on the frontpage.  With the many settings and customizations you can do with this theme (like many other premium WordPress themes), just change the theme colors to darker colors and add your own photoshoot photos.  This can work great for a not just musicians but also models, actors, and designers.

grey grey


Ability – Responsive One Page Ajax WordPress Theme

by edcousins

Ability includes the options to display Home, Portfolio, Blog, About & Contact page sections as standard on the homepage, but also allows you to add in 3 extra sections powered from pages that you set up. You can choose the order of these pages, and disable/enable any that you choose. This gives you the power to create a unique looking site powered by your content without anything you don’t want. It’s easy to understand yet unbelievably powerful.

grey grey

MediaScene Music Premium WordPress Theme

by Devilcantburn

Simple music theme featuring slider on the frontpage for videos or images (like album art).  Players for individual tracks, and album listings.

grey grey



Music Pro – Music Oriented WordPress Theme

by BrutalDesign

A little more common WordPress theme layout.  Sliders featured on the homepage that scrolls through different featured images and sections for your singer or band.  Has an audio player and album manager.  The sleek design and backgrounds does make it stand out as a theme for singers and bands.

grey grey

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