Promo Work: “Have a Nice Day” (Learn Parkour SoCal, Feat. Founder Vinny Grosso)

My first “action” video. Finally LIVE. Crushed it. Let me know what you think!

Filmed this way back in February.  One of my good buddies Vinny Grosso runs the Learn Parkour SoCal training program down here in the Orange County area.  At the time, I had the GlideCam HD2000 for months, but never had the chance to really use it “in the field” as they would say.  We’ve used it slightly in a few of the Shane Kanoa music videos, but running and filming behind a Parkour gymnast like Vinny is nothing like filming Shane standing and singing!

One afternoon Vinny and I decided to hit the beach, Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA, to be exact.  Jessica, my sister, came along as production assistant, helping create the corporate “Suit and Tie” look for Vinny to start off this video.  And I must say, the color of the tie really stands out and looks awesome trailing Vinny in many of his parkour moves.  Definitely adds a lot of flair and production value.

The opening stunt, the huge Superman Dive off the pier, was done about 15 times!  With only one camera, plus needing to get the timing right, Vinny did the same dive over and over, spot on and nearly identical each time.  As a good instructor should, I suppose!  The crowd got bigger and bigger with each dive until the whole pier was watching our little 3-person crew.

Here’s some behind the scene pics






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