Should I Check My Google Pagerank?

People ask me all the time how they can improve their Google Pagerank and Alexa rankings.  Here’s a tip so you can be smarter than the average bear: Google Pagerank and Alexa rankings aren’t really important!  Even many online marketers still believe in the legend of how important Google Pagerank is.  It’s no wonder website owners gets confused.

Without a understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how Google works, it’s easy to associate the concept of “Ranking High on Google” with “High Google Pagerank”! (hint: they are not the same thing)

When you Google search (who doesn’t?) you’ll notice fairly customized results by

  • Where you are: maps, local events, local businesses
  • What you’re searching for: real-time news, sports scores, social network updates

So, obviously Google is considering a lot more than just Pagerank to show search results.  There are a ton of different online marketing strategies including email marketing, blogging, guest blogging, social networking, and hosting local events just to name a few.

The question I always ask clients is: what is your website or business goal?  Usually it’s to make money, gain readers, or build awareness.  So you start there and select the best marketing strategies to reach your goals.

To better understand how Google Ranking works, here’s Mr. SEO, Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOmoz:


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