Under Construction & Coming Soon Website Templates for WordPress

Under construction and coming soon placeholders for your website is a must to build your web presence and anticipation A.S.A.P.   Whether you’ve just started a business, concept, or restructuring your current website, a useful and engaging website should always be available.  Who knows when someone might hear about you, your company, or searching for something related to your business and land on your website.  Anytime someone lands on your site, it’s an opportunity to connect with them as potential future customers.

WordPress Templates like the ones I’m featuring below allow you to connect with your site visitors in many ways WITHOUT having to update your placeholder “under construction” website.  First, an email signup form is critical.  Everyone checks their email, so building an email mailing list means you’re in (to their inbox), even if your business/site launch isn’t for a months.  If you already use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media, your visitors can connect with you and allow you to build a rapport with them.  Apple does this all the time, building anticipation for their new products through various media while just having a simple countdown webpage featuring the product.  Same concept here.

Some templates allow you to add your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, check out our logo resources.


Under Construction Page with Twitter & Pie Graph by Furto

Build anticipation and show progress with a pie chart as well as show your twitter updates (if you use twitter).


grey grey


SQ Countdown by It’s a Square

Clean and Modern Under Construction and Coming Soon website template with 7 different theme styles to choose from.  Includes a sleek email signup form and countdown timer to the date of your launch.

grey grey


LaunchIt by Gabre

Inspired by Apple.com’s clean and simple presentation, LaunchIt comes in 2 styles: black or white backgrounds.  In addition, you get 4 different accent colors for the fonts and buttons.  Feature product images or other messages in the rotating image slideshow.

grey grey


Chronos Under Construction & WordPress Template by Web Design Planet

Bold yet simple design prominently features all the information a visitor would need to know about your upcoming release and how to connect with you. Comes in 8 different styles: black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, turquoise, and yellow.  Includes email and newsletter signup forms, date and time countdown, work progress bar, and social media connections for twitter, facebook, and RSS.

grey grey


MeegoApp XHTML and WordPress Under Construction Template by Elemis

A light, breezy theme counting down to your launch date.  Available as both HTML or WordPress and includes 5 color schemes, email and newsletter signup forms, and twitter integration.

grey grey

Cool Under Construction HTML and WordPress Theme by Pure Themes

Cartoon-drawn young and fresh style. Well-laid out design probably best suited for small and new online businesses.  10 different color styles to choose from! Includes progress pie chart, countdown timer, and connections through email, newsletter, and social media.

grey grey


Under Construction Page for HTML and WordPress by Cepreu

A modern dark design that you can install as HTML template or WordPress theme (with nice theme settings panel). Options to turn on/off any of the main features (e.g. Countdown timer, Progress bar, Twitter feed) if you don’t need them.  Instead of having all information and email or newsletter forms on the front, this design uses a slider where visitors can flip through different options.

grey grey

SuperCharged Under Construction Website Template and WordPress Theme by Web Design Planet

Dark modern design featuring a unique animated power bar as a progress bar.  Includes 5 different styles to choose from and dozens of social media integrations.  Great style for tech or web companies.

grey grey


Speedo Under Construction HTML and WordPress Template by WOOW Web ID

Unique dark theme modeled after a sports car’s dashboard complete with speedometers and gauges for use as a progress bar.  Social media and twitter integrated.  Choose from 5 different color styles: orange, blue, green, red, purple.

grey grey


Atheron Under Construction Website Template and WordPress Theme by PixFlow

Stunning full screen background is a breath of fresh air and really opens up the feeling of the page to welcome visitors.  I guess I’m partial to web designs with full-screen picture backgrounds!  Very stylish modern style with the essentials: countdown timer, signup form, contact info, twitter integrated updates, and connections via twitter, facebook, and RSS.  How impressive this looks really depends on a high quality background picture you choose.  Check out our stock photography resources for tons of choices.

grey grey


ALIVE Under Construction Template and WordPress Theme by Web Design Planet

Another artistic and minimalistic design from Web Design Planet featuring trendy CSS3 effects, animated progress bar, newsletter signup form, and social media integration.  Customizable content area, about us page, and contact us page allows this to be a more complete presentation of your company and product.

grey grey

Alchemy Under Construction Template and WordPress Theme by Web Design Planet


Minimalistic cartoon style that just looks fun!  Big and bold design draws attention to the important things and the animated bubbling flash progress bar is mesmerizing.  Choose from 12 different bright colors and designs.

grey grey

Eleganta Under Construction Page WordPress Theme by Sam Mikhail

Simple tech web-app feel.  Great design limiting the information on each page.  Would match a lot of premium wordpress templates being designed lately.  The use of colors draws your attention to further learn about the company or website to be launched.

grey grey

Sketcher Under Construction Template and WordPress Theme by Web Design Planet

This one is fun.  View of desktop with pencil and paper with simply hand-written design.  Probably works for education, furniture design, or coffee shops.

grey grey

Sindoro Under Construction by Harry Web SS

The Minimal Coming Soon template with lots of soft textures comes with 7 color schemes. The package contains HTML template and WordPress theme (with nice theme settings panel).  This template has two choices with progress bar or countdown animation.

grey grey


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