Video Work: Learn Parkour Socal – New Orange County Class Promo Commercial

By December 17, 2012Marketing, Video

Just a lil something I put this together earlier this month.  My friend Vinny just released this today on their Youtube channel for Learn Parkour Socal.

Filming this class was a different challenge from filming music videos.  I’ve gotten comfortable, if not proficient, at the “live action” stuff now. Shane’s “Ellie Goulding – Lights (Remix)” performance at the Exchange LA fashion show and Julia’s wedding were the biggest on-the-job learning curve.  So the challenge filming this commercial was trying to stay completely out of the class’s way, and the short time limit.  I didn’t have hours and hours to get a ton of footage…but then this only ended up being a 30-second commercial anyway.  Always fun when learning a lot on the fly.


Parkour’s blowing up big time now. We’ve all seen parkour stunts by hyperactive guys on Nike Commercials and action movies…which probably influenced the big wave of interest in kids and young adults you’re seeing.

I must say, as I filmed this intro class, I saw how much fun the kids had. Not only that, but the way Vinny teaches parkour step by step with a solid foundation would allow these kids to become a lot more coordinated and have better reflexes.  While many may think jumping over walls and doing flips is dangerous, I now see the other side. Knowing how to safely and skillfully run, jump, flip, and climb are athletic skills that’ll benefit them throughout their lives in other sports, or even situations that may turn into accidents.

So where else better to spread the Parkour fever than sunny Southern California, biggest playground of surfers, skaters, and now hopefully parkour if my friend Vinny Grosso has anything to say about it.  If you’re in the LA / OC area, check them out at  You can do classes, like the one I filmed and have pictures of below, or join in one of their free public events.


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